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Poop Bag Dispenser 1x15 Bags 12 Pack

Item Code: 178200 Brand: Paws for the earth

£3.29 RRP

-The Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser ensures you're never caught short without a poop bag when walking your dog.
-Simply clip the compact dispenser to a lead, bag, or clothing and off you go!
-The dispenser comes with 15 biodegradable poop waste bags to limit your dog's impact on the environment.
-Perfectly sized refill bags are available from Ancol.
- These bags use EPI, a special additive that converts plastic into a degradable material.
- They can go to landfill, but are not designed to biodegrade without use of oxygen. So, in the presence of oxygen, these bags will degrade leaving only biomass, CO2 and water.
- We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This item is supplied with packaging that is widely ely recycled.