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Window Vent Guard

Item Code: 740200 Brand: Paws on Tour

£6.49 RRP

-Your dog can enjoy the feel of fresh air whilst being kept safely inside the car with the window vent guard.
-Compact and collapsible when not in use, the Vent Guard extends to fit inside an open car window. -Paws on Tour is a comprehensive range of essential and convenient items to equip you and your dog for travel.
-Collapsed Size: 24x11cm
-Extended Size: 54x15cm
-Important: This item has been designed to allow your dog fresh air whilst the car is in motion. Please do not leave your pet alone In the car whilst using this product, as it will decrease the security of your car. Never leave your dog in a hot car unattended as it is hazardous to their health.
-We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. Thi This item is supplied with packaging that is widely recycled.