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Npaws Dried Strawberry

Item Code: 962100
Nature's Paws 100% pure strawberries are a delicious treat for your small pet that are also bursting with antioxidants and Vitamin C. These naturally delicious treats have been freeze-dried for concentrated flavour and nutrition, and long-lasting freshness.
The Nature's Paws range features a variety of 100% pure treats, with no fillers, preservatives, or colourants. We believe Small Pets deserve delicious and wholesome treats and that their Pet Parents should know precisely what their small and furry friends are nibbling on.
To Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy
+ Make sure your pet always has access to fresh drinking water.
+ This is a complimentary food. Ensure your pet has a healthy balanced diet.
+ These treats are naturally high in fibre and sug sugar, so to maintain a healthy digestion always treat in moderation.
Nature's Paws Fruits are also suitable for reptiles such as tortoises, bearded dragons, and iguanas.
This pack contains 15g of pure, natural strawberries.
6pcs per pack. Companioems available.