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Nylon Training Halter S Sz 1-2

Item Code: 198000

£7.89 RRP

-Prevent pulling and experience more relaxing and enjoyable walks with the Ancol Nylon Training Halter.
-The halter is a clever training tool that can help you teach basic control techniques.
-When your dog pulls on the lead, the halter will turn their head to the side, discouraging further movement without undue stress, easing the burden of pulled arms and shoulders, and allowing a command to be given.
-This halter is made of nylon which is strong and weatherproof for a long lasting and sturdy halter. Nylon is also smooth and flexible, ensuring the halter is comfortable for your dog to wear.
- The nose loop has a sliding keeper to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
-The head loop has an adjuster buckle for a secure fit and a quick-release buckleckle for speedy application and removal, ideal for dogs that are not used to halters.
-The halter features a metal O-ring for lead attachment.
-The addition of a safety link secures the halter to the dog's collar, ensuring the owner remains in controlthe dog manages to remove the halter.
-Size S. Nose 25cm neck 42cm.